Love Poem

Love Poem

„Wir brauchen ein Liebesgedicht. In Englisch. Nicht mehr als 6 Verse. Morgen.“ Auftrags-Poesie für die Denim Herbstkampagne 2013 von New Yorker.

She´s here with me now

 She´s here with me now
and that´s all I need
to stand up and fight
and laugh while I bleed

 to stand up and be
the man that she needs
my thoughts are all hers
and so are my deeds

 my wounds and my hunger
my bones and my soul
she touches it all
making me whole

 she touches my fears
my dreams, my desire
between our skins
dragons breathe fire

 between our eyes
there´s a blizzard of trust
she´s all that I see
´til all turns to dust

between our hearts
there´s a whispered vow
to conquer it all
she´s here with me now

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